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early bilingual experiences on cognitive control

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최근 PNAS에 발표된 Kovacs & Mehler (2009) Cognitive gains in 7-month-old bilingual infants. PNAS, 106, 6556-6560 논문에 따르면 제목에서처럼 만 7개월 밖에 되지 않은 아기들 가운데 두가지 언어에 노출된 경험을 꾸준히 해 온 경우에서만, 바뀐 규칙에 의해서 제공되는 reward에 반응하는 식으로 눈 운동을 보였다는 연구 결과입니다 (일종의 enhancement of cognitive control). 자극으로 말소리를 이용하거나 시각적인 사물을 제시하는 경우 모두에서 같은 양상이 나타나서, 두 언어를 사용 (혹은 노출)하는 경험이 아주 이른 발달 단계에서도 (단순히 언어자극에 대해서 뿐만 아닌 일반적인) inhibitory control 에 도움이 된다는 걸 시사하는 결과입니다.  

초록만 여기에 옮겨봅니다.
Children exposed to bilingual input typically learn 2 languages
without obvious difficulties. However, it is unclear how preverbal
infants cope with the inconsistent input and how bilingualism
affects early development. In 3 eye-tracking studies we show that
7-month-old infants, raised with 2 languages from birth, display
improved cognitive control abilities compared with matched
monolinguals. Whereas both monolinguals and bilinguals learned
to respond to a speech or visual cue to anticipate a reward on one
side of a screen, only bilinguals succeeded in redirecting their
anticipatory looks when the cue began signaling the reward on the
opposite side. Bilingual infants rapidly suppressed their looks to
the first location and learned the new response. These findings
show that processing representations from 2 languages leads to a
domain-general enhancement of the cognitive control system well
before the onset of speech.

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