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이 홈에서는 인지과학, 심리학 또는 이와 관련된 생각 또는 학술 정보를 올리며 서로 의견을 교환합니다.
다룰 수 있는 정보의 형식, 주제 들을 카테고리별로 나누어 놓았습니다.

"Out of our brains" by Andy Clark

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extended mind/embodied mind에 대한 앤디 클락의 최신 NT times 기고글입니다.

전체 글은 여기서 보실 수 있고요.
아래는 글 가운데 일부입니다..
This kind of idea is currently being explored by a wave of scientists and philosophers working in the areas known as “embodied cognition” and “the extended mind.” Uniting these fields is the thought that evolution and learning don’t give a jot what resources are used to solve a problem. There is no more reason, from the perspective of evolution or learning, to favor the use of a brain-only cognitive strategy than there is to favor the use of canny (but messy, complex, hard-to-understand) combinations of brain, body and world. Brains play a major role, of course. They are the locus of great plasticity and processing power, and will be the key to almost any form of cognitive success. But spare a thought for the many resources whose task-related bursts of activity take place elsewhere, not just in the physical motions of our hands and arms while reasoning, or in the muscles of the dancer or the sports star, but even outside the biological body — in the iPhones, BlackBerrys, laptops and organizers which transform and extend the reach of bare biological processing in so many ways. These blobs of less-celebrated activity may sometimes be best seen, myself and others have argued, as bio-external elements in an extended cognitive process: one that now criss-crosses the conventional boundaries of skin and skull.

김세영 2010-12-14 13:49:33
참고로 Andy Clark 논문을 다운 받을 수 있는 홈페이지 링크를 붙입니다. 거의 모든 논문이 주제별로 잘 정리되어 있습니다. http://www.philosophy.ed.ac.uk/people/clark/publications.html

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