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Brain mechanisms underlying perception of visual art and design

  • 유정 2011-04-05 12:21:07 조회 6,561 추천 1225
연세대 인지과학연구소에서 개최하는 인지과학 콜로퀴움입니다.

In this talk, I will discuss results from a series of brain imaging studies of mine and my colleagues’ exploiting images of visual art and design as experimental stimuli. 1) Study 1 (Kim& Blake, 2007): We investigated whether implied motion portrayed in abstract painting is associated with activity in visual motion selective area MT+. The role of prior experience and/or background knowledge of the artwork was also examined. 2) Study 2 (Sung et al., submitted): We investigated whether implied sense in other modality in visual product design is associated with activation in the relevant sensory brain regions. Specifically, visual product design with implied gustatory experience and visual product design with implied kinesthetic experience were exploited. Whether the products with implied sense are preferred and enjoyed by consumers was also examined. 3) Study 3 (Kim et al., in prep): People often find artworks inducing negative emotion beautiful. The deep sorrow evoked by listening to Vitali’s Chaconne in G minor or the tragic feelings expressed in Piccasso’s “Poor People on the Seashore” is associated with experiencing beauty. We investigated whether brain areas involved in aesthetic judgment can be distinguished from those involved in emotional appraisal. We also examined whether artworks that are judged to be beautiful while inducing negative emotion recruit brain areas dissimilar to those associated with beautiful-positive artworks.

시간: 4월 8일(금요일) , 오후 5시

장소: 위당관 B05호

연사:김 채 연 선생님 (고려대학교 심리학과)
유정 2011-04-05 12:21:36
장소는 연세대학교 위당관(제2인문관)입니다.

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