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‎5월 토요인지모임 공지

  • 이신영 2012-05-09 14:15:12 조회 7,195 추천 1067
‎5월 토요인지모임 공지
발표자 : 박진 (플로리다 주립대학 박사. 언어치료, 인지과학 강의)
발표제목: 다화자잡음에서 말더듬 비율과 말속도
(The Noise Effect on Stuttering: Multi-talker Babble Noise)
시간: 5월 19일 (토) 10:30~12:00
장소 : 서강대학교 정하상관 (J관, 후문에서 왼쪽 두번째 파랑색 건물) 315호

** 외부 버스 정류장이나 대흥역에서 걸어서 5분 이내, 외부에서 바로 들어올 수 있는 입구 있음
** 발표가 끝난 후, 시간이 되는 분들은 가까운 곳에서 점심식사를 하시면 좋겠습니다. 식대는 개인부담입니다

초록: This study deals with how stuttering changes in its frequency in a
situation where adult participants who stutter are exposed to one type
of background noise, that is, multi-talker babble noise. Eight
American English-speaking adults who stutter participated in this
study. Each of the subjects read aloud sentences under each of three
speaking conditions (i.e., typical solo reading (TSR), typical choral
reading (TCR), and multi-talker babble noise reading (BNR)). Speech
fluency was computed based on a percentage of syllables stuttered
(%SS) and speaking rate was also assessed to examine if there was
significant change in rates as a measure of vocal change under each of
the speaking conditions. The study found that participants read more
fluently both during BNR and during TCR than during TSR. The study
also found that participants did not show significant changes in
speaking rate across the three speaking conditions. Some discussion
was provided in relation to the effect of multi-talker babble noise on
the frequency of stuttering and its further speculation.

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